We provide ExamJet as a service

There is no need for a server or complex network infrastructure. You only need a stable network connection

Prepare the environment for your students by setting up entry-level computers. We will take care of the rest.

Question Banks

Create question banks once and use them as many times as you want

We call the Question Bank a place where you can store questions and possible answers. You can group and categorize them in any order.

Question Banks are not connected to any test directly, so you have absolute freedom to improve their quality constantly. You will not lose track of the questions’ previous versions.


Add students and arrange them into groups

You can have students in one or more groups at the same time.

Once created, you have the freedom to define the audience when designing the test and dig into analytics in more detail.


Use previously prepared data to create the test quickly

Adjust the test to your needs:

  1. Choose previously prepared question banks

  2. Define the audience by student groups

  3. Set the access criteria and the time availability

  4. Notify students about the Test by email

Analytics & Monitoring

Dig into details

Test result analytics allows you to dig into details:

  1. Check test result status

  2. Analyze test results in detail

  3. Find correlation between students and question difficulty

  4. Monitor the testing process in real-time


Let students concentrate on what is really important

We provide a lightweight and simple solution to your students. Let them concentrate on a test and not the software.

Are you ready for more details?